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Geoscientists Bailey and Rayne Promoted to Professor

Hamilton College Dean of Faculty Patrick Reynolds announced the promotion of two faculty members to the rank of professor. The promotions of Associate Professors of Geosciences David Bailey and Todd Rayne were approved by Hamilton’s Board of Trustees at its December meeting and will be effective Jan. 1, 2014.

Bailey earned his Ph.D. from Washington State University. His dissertation focused on geochemistry and petrogenesis of Miocene volcanic rocks in the Powder River Volcanic Field, Northeastern Oregon. He is a recipient of National Science Foundation ILI and CCLI Grants,  is a research associate of the New York State Academy of Mineralogy and served as president of the New York State Geological Association. Bailey’s current research focuses on the history of igneous and tectonic activity in the northeastern United States, and on the mineralogy of New York State. He is the author of numerous peer reviewed papers, conference abstracts, and field trip guides and has co-authored numerous papers with Hamilton students.

Rayne’s area of interest is hydrogeology and environmental geology.  He received his doctorate in geology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and before that he worked in the petroleum and environmental consulting industries. Rayne’s current research involves using numerical models to predict the impacts of urbanization on ground water flow systems.  He also is involved with modeling ground water flow through fractured aquifers and wellhead protection studies. Rayne is the author of two solution manuals for hydrogeology textbooks and has published papers in Hydrogeology Journal, Nordic Hydrology, and Northeastern Geology and Environmental Science.

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