From left: Maria Saenz '19, Lisa Yang '17, Greg Casey '09, Elizabeth Tran '18 and Sarah Magee '18.

Greg Casey ’09, founder and first president of Hamilton Microfinance, met with current members of the organization when he visited campus in April.

Over dinner, he and several current members discussed microfinance and how the club has evolved. The students heard first-hand how Casey started the organization and how it has influenced his post-grad plans.

Casey was impressed with the club’s latest achievements, which include three loans issued within the past year-and-a-half and multiple fundraisers that each raised over $1000 on average.

In 2009, Casey was awarded a Fulbright Grant to study microfinance in Jamaica. He and Ann Owen, the Henry Platt Bristol Professor of Economics, published “Good News, Bad News, and Consumer Confidence” in Social Science Quarterly in 2013. The paper grew from Casey’s senior honors thesis, supervised by Owen. He is currently pursuing a graduate economics degree at Brown University.

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