Reid Hall - headquarters of the Hamilton in France program

An atmosphere of joy and friendliness prevailed as Hamilton in France students celebrated International Women’s Day on Thursday, March 8, during a lunch at Reid Hall, where the program’s office is located in Paris. In the spirit of supporting a cause related to women’s affairs, Reid Hall organized a bake-sale, the profits of which will go to Le Filon Association, a charity organization dedicated to the aid of homeless women in Paris.

The bake-sale was a great success, attracting students from various programs and generating 400 Euros in profits. A representative from Le Filon reflected on the association’s mission to help homeless women develop their talents to find their place in society.


Hamilton in France is a Paris-based program designed for students with an intermediate or higher level in French and who are seeking an immersion experience within Hamilton College’s commitment to the liberal arts and personal exploration.

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Nora Silva’19 and Kyandreia Jones’19, in collaboration with their colleagues from other study abroad programs, composed a slideshow titled “Humans of Reid Hall,” which was projected during the bake-sale. The slideshow comprised photos of female subjects, feminists who inspired the presenters.  

Additionally, students prepared an exhibition of short biographies and photos of historical female figures who also inspired them. To make the bake-sale celebratory of female achievements, these biographies were posted on the surrounding walls of Reid Hall’s grand auditorium.  

Reid Hall has been a long-time leader in women’s empowerment through education. The idea of a venue for American students in Paris goes back to the “American Women’s Paris Club” which was established by three American women in 1922 to function as a study abroad experiment for American university women.  

The gathering of students, professors, and staff members, along with the parallel exhibition and slideshow and fundraising effort, resulted in a convivial event. Carrying out a tradition of gathering with a focus on education helps to foster a strong sense of community among the “humans of Reid Hall.”

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