Hamilton in NYC

Sixteen Hamilton College students have invaded the Big Apple as they spend the Spring 2001 semester studying in New York City through a new Hamilton program.

Through the Hamilton in New York City program, students take an integrated course of study from a resident Hamilton professor that includes a seminar on global political economy and culture, a topics and issues course based on the expertise of the professor, an independent research project, and an internship in a firm or organization with global reach.  The theme of the semester, which determines the kind of activities that students will be doing, is chosen by the  professor who is project director for that particular semester. One of the special features of the program is the opportunity for students to meet and learn from alumni whose diverse expertise and practical experience is invaluable to classroom learning.

This semester's program is titled The Fall and Rise of New York City, and is being taught by Hamilton Government Professor Frank Anechiarico.  Participants will study how the emergence of New York as a premier global city in the 1990s has influenced the distribution of resources in a variety of settings like housing, employment, and government services. Students will have an opportunity to intern with advocacy groups, private concerns, and city and state agencies.

The Fall 2001 semester will feature "The Production of Global Culture: the view from New York City," under the directorship of Anthropology Professor Henry Rutz. Future programs will focus on the arts, digital media and international law and organization.

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