Math students and faculty attended the MAA Seaway Section meeting at SUNY Geneseo.

Fourteen Hamilton math students presented talks at the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Seaway Section Meeting at SUNY Geneseo on April 16. Richard Bedient, the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Mathematics, traveled with the students.

The students and their presentations:

  • Sitong Chen ’16, “The Simpson’s Paradox”
  • Colin Day ’16, “The Aesthetics of Fractal Geometry: Exploring the Human Fascination With Fractals”
  • Amy Defnet ’16, “Deck of Cards + Math = MAGIC”
  • Alex Jones ’16, “A Mathematical Model for Insect Growth: The Biological Underpinnings”
  • Lauren King ’16, “Color Distinguishing of Complete Graphs”
  • Nathan Lamson ’16 and Steven Stone ‘16, “The Quantification of Qualitative Data”
  • Tianshu Liu ’16, “Confronting Multicollinearity in Multiple Regressions”
  • Patrick Marris ‘16, “A Mathematical Model for Molecular Motion”
  • Benjamin Oltsik ’19, “Internal Differential Equations”
  • Tsion Tesfaye ‘16, “The Essence of Infinity”
  • Sarah Thomsen ‘16 and Ryan McCausland ‘16, “The Statistics of Unwanted Sexual Experiences”
  • Risheng Zeng ’16, “A Probability and Statistics Misconception”

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