Opportunity Programs Class of 2021 students gather with President David Wippman for a 4th of July picnic.

On June 25, 43 members of the Opportunity Programs Class of 2021 arrived on campus for the summer program. The five-week summer program, directed by Phyllis Breland (HEOP) '80, introduces students to Hamilton’s academic rigor and assists them in building a personalized foundation for success, including an opportunity to fulfill College graduation requirements in quantitative and symbolic reasoning and in physical education.

The program also provides opportunities for enrichment, camaraderie and academic based civic engagement through planned excursions that include art, fine dining, collective and community collaboration and team building.

Students begin their day at 7 a.m. with an hour of physical education, led by HEOP alumnus and Hamilton Athletic Director Jon Hind ’80. Other courses are in math, government, history, writing, science, philosophy and psychology and Routine for Learning. Students also participate in oral communications projects and community service and become familiar with other campus resources.

 Hamilton faculty, deans and directors who teach in this program include Karen Brewer, Cindy Domack, David Walden, Jeff Landry, Herman Lehman, Margaret Thickstun, Gbemende Johnson, Todd Franklin, Jon Hind, Phyllis Breland, Brenda Davis, Robert Kantrowitz '82 and Amy Gaffney.

On July 4th, students attended a picnic at Babbitt Pavilion where they celebrated Independence Day with President Wippman.


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