Tyler Rehor '17.

Tyler Rehor ’17 spent his senior year free from the job search process in which many soon-to-be graduates find themselves. Since the end of last summer, a job has been waiting for him after graduation: a coveted position as a pricing/market analyst in the product management and strategy team at Travelers Insurance.

While accepting this offer was easy, the path that led him here required hard work. After securing a wealth management internship his sophomore year, Rehor applied to dozens of companies. From over 1,000 applications, he was offered one of 15 spots for the Travelers’ summer internship program, where he provided internal consulting.

“Every project and every day was different and dynamic, which made the summer very exciting,” Rehor recalled. With such a positive experience, when he received an offer before school started, “it was a no-brainer to accept it.”

Rehor credits his early professional success to his education at Hamilton. “I certainly wouldn’t have gotten the Travelers internship, this job, or done nearly as well in the internship if not for my Hamilton education.”

about tyler rehor '17

Major: Economics

Hometown: Enfield, Conn.

Secondary School: Loomis Chaffee

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At Hamilton, Rehor played on both the water polo and the swim teams, where he learned  “how to work well in teams and collaborate well (which is pivotal for success in my job), how to be a leader and how to prioritize.” He concluded, “I could go on and on, but in general, the Hamilton education has just made me into such a well-rounded employee who can tackle projects and issues from a multitude of approaches.”

For Rehor, this first step in a finance career could go in a number different directions. “I really do not have any concrete long-term plans other than just trying out a few careers and seeing what I like and don’t like about them to find my dream job,” he said. “Who knows, maybe I already found it.”

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