Craig Engert ’21 slaps five with Mr. Potato Head outside Hasbro headquarters.

This summer, Craig Engert ’21 is interning in an office where most people keep toys on their desk, employees can book a conference room to de-stress with board games, and interns get the opportunity to test unreleased toys and games on their lunch break. As a global finance & operations intern, his internship is a lot of work; but as an intern at Hasbro, it’s a lot of play, too.

Hasbro is an American worldwide board game and toy company that has created products such as Monopoly, G.I. Joe, and Mr. Potato Head. Working for the company’s finance division, Engert helps analyze the ways in which standardization and automation can improve the department. He regularly updates project pitches, trains new employees, and contributes to side projects that arise within the division. Engert said that he likes that his work promotes a global accessibility to toys. “If my department can improve efficiency and cut costs, then Hasbro can give these savings to the consumer which allows for more kids to access our toys.”

About Craig Engert ’21

Majors: Economics, Mathematics

Hometown: Acton, Mass.

High School: Acton-Boxborough Regional High School

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In addition to his primary responsibilities, Engert has spent the past couple months developing a capstone project with other Hasbro interns. The group of interns, which meets once a week, gets to design a new toy for the company and build a “potential business, marketing, and logistics plan.” The project encourages the interns to think creatively and advance their analytical and entrepreneurial skills.

Engert has overall enjoyed his internship with Hasbro and feels that it has helped him advance his interest in finance. As the co-president of Finance Club, Consulting Club, and Micro-Finance Group, he has long been familiar with the financial world, but working for a company that encourages involvement has helped him apply his knowledge. “Hasbro has so many resources to learn and grow from. They have entrusted me with a lot of work, so I am constantly learning and trying new things,” he said.

Though he is unsure about which branch he wants to ultimately pursue, Engert knows he wants to go into finance and plans to continue sampling various companies and fields. With Hasbro, he experienced practicing finance as one part of a greater operation. He said, “…many times having a job with a company that does not focus on that industry that you are working for (such as working in finance at a toy company) can be a great experience to learn new skills and grow.” In the fall, he will work as a banking intern with Morgan Stanley through the Hamilton in New York City Program.

Still, no matter where he ultimately ends up, Engert plans to “look forward to going to work every day” and ensure that he always makes time for a little play.

Engert is one of 200 Hamilton students conducting research or completing an internship supported by the College this summer.

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