As they approach graduation and entering the job market looms, Hamilton upperclassmen had the opportunity to improve their interviewing skills at the ninth annual Interview Crash Course on Jan. 26.  

Fifty area business leaders and members of the Hamilton community met with students in two timed practice interview sessions. Participants increased their awareness of interviewing as a skill, learned how to answer common interview questions, received feedback on their skills, and learned about resources/services to continue to improve their interviewing skills. The annual event is sponsored by the Career Center.

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“The biggest takeaway I got from the event is to speak confidently and at a consistent pace during an interview,” said Jakeb Camel ’21. “While it always helps to come prepared with stories in mind for behavioral questions, [my interviewer] helped me work on speaking concisely and getting to a point of my answer without sounding too rehearsed. The interviewer wants to hear about your best qualities through your storytelling, not through your rehearsed bullet points. I learned how to speak confidently about myself without just reciting my résumé,” Camel said.

Adriana Jones ’21 said her biggest takeaway was that “practice is really important to learn how to compose concise, but natural and genuine, answers for interviews because a good interview should feel like a professional conversation.”

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