Sean Bennett, vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion, shared a message of concern and support for members of the Hamilton community on Oct. 10. 

Members of the Hamilton Community,

I share this communication in recognition of the escalating conflict in Israel and Palestine. The war, and associated loss of life, are deeply impactful to many members of our community.  Further, the pain and loss in the Middle East serve as a harsh reminder of armed conflicts taking place around the world. We sadly have faculty, staff, and student connections to many of them.

I humbly acknowledge all members of the community coming to grips with the loss of life and encourage members of our Hamily to share both love and light with communities who may need support.

Colleagues across the College have been reaching out to individuals and communities particularly affected by recent events. If you, or anyone you know, would like support navigating these difficult times, please take advantage of the resources below. If these offices cannot be of direct assistance, they may be able to direct you to additional resources. Please be kind and listen intently for those in need.

Counseling Center


Employee Assistance Program


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