Janack Presents Paper at Nordic Pragmatist Conference in Iceland

Marianne Janack
Marianne Janack
Marianne Janack, the Sidney Wertimer Associate Professor of Philosophy, presented a paper on the concept of experience at the second Nordic Pragmatism Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, in August.

Experience was a central concept in John Dewey's educational philosophy and his political philosophy, as well as a key element of William James's analyses of religion and metaphysics. However, the concept has recently come under attack by New Pragmatists like Richard Rorty and W.V. Quine, who have replaced this concept of experience with neuro-biological and behaviorist analyses.

Janack argued that the theory of mind that Rorty and Quine have assumed departs dramatically from their pragmatist predecessors'. The conference was funded by a grant from the government of Finland. Attendees came from the Iceland, Finland, Poland, Brazil, Norway, England, and the U.S.
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