Ondine Jean-Baptiste ’17

Ondine Jean-Baptiste ’17 is working at her dream internship this summer as the events and bookings intern for The Wild Honey Pie (TWHP), a collective of writers, photographers, musicians and music lovers in general to promote up-and-coming bands mainly in the New York City area. Her internship is supported through Jerome Gottlieb '64 Internship Fund, managed by the Career Center.

With a longtime love for live music and concerts as well as three years of experience on the Campus Activities Board (CAB) which puts on events at Hamilton, Jean-Baptiste is well-prepared for the many roles she fulfills at her internship. Primarily, she researches artists, promotes events on social media and makes sure that every detail, from transportation to product placement, is perfectly in place.

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“What I find most rewarding is seeing how my comparative literature major is coming into play in a big way,” Jean-Baptiste explains. “Something that seems so inconsequential—like being good at coming up with witty captions on social media—actually relies on writing techniques that I’ve learned along the years in class and is a great way to draw people into clicking on our website and social media channels.”

So far, Jean-Baptiste has found that collaboration and teamwork are key to making any event a success. From her internship at TWHP, she hopes to “gain more insight into how to successfully offer programming that is creative, fun and something that will interest a lot of people.”

Her work is likely to benefit the Hamilton community, as she intends to use her experience on the Hill: “I’m going to take everything I am learning and apply these new insights and skills in the fall as one of the chairs for CAB. I cannot wait to bring innovative, creative and most of all, fun programming to the Hill.”

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