Derek Jones

Derek Jones, the Irma M. and Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics, co-authored an article published recently in the journal Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) Review. “Complementarities between Employee Involvement and Financial Participation: Do Institutional Context, Differing Measures, and Empirical Methods Matter?” focuses on a study about whether productivity is greater when firms use employee involvement in decision-making and financial participation as complementary practices.

Jones and co-authors Panu Kalmi of the University of Vaasa, Takao Kato of Colgate University and Mikko Mäkinen of the Bank of Finland examined theoretical explanations of the productivity effects of complementarities. Their “findings suggest that outcomes depend on the institutional context and are sensitive to variation in measurement and analytical methods.”

ILR Review is a peer-reviewed publication of the Cornell University ILR School.

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