Jones’ Article Published in International HR Journal

Derek Jones
Derek Jones

“Financial participation in Finland: incidence and determinants,” an article co-authored by Irma M. and Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics Derek Jones, was published in The International Journal of Human Resource Management. Written with Panu Kalmi of Finland’s University of Vaasa, Takao Kato of Colgate University and Mikko Mäkinen of Aalto University in Helsinki, the article appeared in a special issue on “Employee share ownership and profit sharing in different institutional contexts.”


According to the article’s abstract, the authors “provide the first comprehensive analysis of financial participation in Finnish manufacturing companies.” The authors found that profit sharing in Finland is higher than in many developed countries. Their analysis of the determinants of financial participation showed that “firms that are owned by the state or co-operatives have over a 90% likelihood of having financial participation schemes, whereas the likelihood for other firms is only around 40%. Firms mainly owned by management are less likely to offer financial participation.”

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