Derek Jones

Derek Jones, the Irma M. and Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics, participated in the Leeds Festival of Economics, Democracy and the Workplace that took place in the U.K. May 4th and 5th. The event was organized by Leeds University Business School’s WPART research project.

Jones presented a paper titled “Worker Separation under Performance Pay: Empirical evidence from Finland” during a workshop on “Economics and management of workplace democracy, employee participation, and emerging organizational models.”

Co-authored with Panu Kalmi of Finland’s University of Vaasa, Takao Kato of Colgate University and Mikko Mäkinen of the Bank of Finland, the paper presented the authors’ research on individual and group incentive pay as determinants of worker separation.

Jones also chaired a session focused on “Institutions, socio-economic contexts and cooperatives” and participated in a policy roundtable titled “Can employees run businesses?”

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