Kevin Kennedy '70 Honored as Outgoing Board Chair

An Expression of Appreciation
Kevin W. Kennedy '70

In 1994, when Carter Bacot '55 spoke of his successor as chairman of Hamilton's Board of Trustees, he said, "Kevin Kennedy's dedication to the College and its goals make him the ideal person to guide Hamilton into the next century." Eight years of progress and achievement later, with Hamilton so well situated in this new century, we now know how entirely accurate those words were.

A hockey goalie who majored in art at Hamilton, you left the Hill with an enduring appreciation for your college experience. After acquiring an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School in 1974, you began your long and continuing association with Goldman, Sachs & Co., where you are now a managing director. While responding to the demands of a challenging career in investment banking, you somehow found time for Hamilton, serving in volunteer capacities including president of the Northern New Jersey Alumni Association. Elected as an alumni trustee in 1986 and a charter trustee four years later, you also chaired the Major Gifts Committee of the Campaign for the '90s.

At the time of your appointment as chairman of the Board, a new president, Eugene M. Tobin, had recently taken office and new and ambitious goals were being set for the College. Their aim was to strengthen it academically, improve the residential life of its students, and attract still better students to Hamilton. Among the efforts to attain those goals were the highly successful New Century Campaign and the implementation of the Residential Life decision. Also, under your stewardship, a new college curriculum has been instituted and the Alumni Association has been reenergized. Volunteerism among Hamiltonians flourishes today as never before. And all these achievements and advances have contributed to an impressively rising trend in the number and quality of students seeking admission to Hamilton.

Thanks to your dedication and vigorous leadership over the past eight years, Hamilton has made great strides and faces the future with confidence. But beyond your qualities of leadership is the personal factor: the generous contribution of time and means to assist Hamilton by both you and your wife Karen, who has been very much a partner in your endeavors. In addition, there are the innumerable examples of personal thoughtfulness on your part, small gestures of kindness and consideration fondly remembered and infinitely appreciated by Hamiltonians.

As you leave the chairmanship of Hamilton's Board, we wish to express our thanks for all that you have accomplished for our alma mater. Your dedicated and distinguished service has earned the gratitude of all who, like you, hold Hamilton dear.

Hamilton Alumni Association
George D. Baker, Jr. '74, President
June 8, 2002 

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