Bob Kunze-Concewitz ’88

A business on the rocks isn’t always a bad thing. “I love seeing our cocktails in consumers’ hands — the Aperol Spritz (orange) and Negroni (red) are very distinctive and very visible,” says Bob Kunze-Concewitz ’88, CEO of the Campari Group. 

Campari is the sixth largest company in the premium spirits industry worldwide, and its products are marketed and distributed in more than 190 countries. Kunze-Concewitz has lived in Milan, Italy, for 13 years, and, as always, his career keeps him busy. 

“We bought Cognac Bisquit at the beginning of 2018, sold our Italian soft drinks business, and moved our U.S. headquarters from San Francisco to New York City. We generate on average half of our growth via acquisitions, so you never know what our next big project will be,” Kunze-Concewitz says. 

about Bob Kunze-Concewitz ’88

Current Position: CEO, Campari Group

Previous Position: Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble

Hamilton Major: Economics

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Before joining Campari, the Hamilton economics major earned a master’s degree in business administration and had a 15-year international career in marketing at Procter & Gamble where he learned his craft. He says he loves being CEO of a company as dynamic as the Campari Group. 

His favorite Campari cocktails? That’s easy. A Negroni, made with Campari, gin, and red vermouth; a Boulevardier, made with Campari, Wild Turkey 101, and red vermouth; and a Grand Margarita, made with Grand Marnier and Espòlon tequila.

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