Lacsamana Authors New Book

<em>Revolutionizing Feminism</em> by Anne E. Lacsamana
Revolutionizing Feminism by Anne E. Lacsamana

Anne E. Lacsamana, associate professor of women’s studies and chair of the Women’s Studies Department, has authored a new book. Revolutionizing Feminism: The Philippine Women's Movement in the Age of Terror was published this month by Paradigm Publishers.

According to the publisher, “Revolutionizing Feminism offers the first gendered analysis of the contemporary human rights crisis in the Philippines beginning with the election of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2001 and the subsequent declaration of the country as the ‘second front’ in the U.S.-led global war on terror. In the decade since, the Philippines steadily devolved into a virtual killing field with more than 1,000 legal activists from across the social spectrum (peasants, union leaders, feminists, journalists, students, lawyers) murdered and hundreds more ‘disappeared.’

“Against a backdrop of instability and de facto martial law, Lacsamana’s book examines themes of identity, migration, militarism, and prostitution while offering an alternate feminist analysis of causes and consequences that brings class, state and nation back into view. “

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