DK Lee '17 at the Levy Group in New York City.

DK Lee’s internship this summer is letting him apply his social media expertise to a new field of interest – women’s fashion. Lee is working at the Levy Group, an apparel manufacturer in New York City. The Levy Group has recently focused on marketing its own brands.

Lee learned of the internship through; Abby Taylor in Hamilton’s Career Center. She introduced him to Nick Levy ’15, whose family runs the business. “I talked to Nick on the phone and became interested in the Levy Group’s new marketing team,” recalled Lee.

Through his internship, the economics concentrator is responsible for planning the entire social media marketing plan for Levy Group’s own brands: Coats Direct and HFX Performance. “I’m about to launch the social media plans for these two brands,” said Lee. “I’m also in charge of producing content for social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. The content that I produce ranges from gifs, videos, animations, photographs and 360 videos.”

At Hamilton Lee is a social media analytics intern in the communications office and a digital media specialist in Library and Information Technology Services (LITS). He took part in a year-long Instructional Technology Apprenticeship Program through which he produced videos, identified smartphone applications for higher education and launched a presence on Snapchat for the Wellin Museum of Art.

Although he is well-versed in creating and sharing though social media, Lee hopes to get a better understanding of social media marketing and how developing a better social media presence can lead to higher revenue in the e-commerce market. He has already learned how to prepare his own social media production projects. The process includes brainstorming, report writing, story board preparation and budget analysis.

Lee enjoys the independence his internship offers. “The best part of this job is that I have freedom to direct the social media plan with my ideas. It feels great to be part of a large company but at the same time work as if I’m in a start-up environment,” he remarked.

Lee’s long-term plans include doing more research on how content is perceived in social media networks and how different technology such as virtual reality can be applied to the network.  For now, he is finding that “working in fashion is fun and it’s something I didn’t expect to do.”

 Lee’s internship is supported through Summer Internship Funding, managed by the Career Center.

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