Liz Finegan Menges ’84, Steve Foley ’84, and Susie Harris Daut ’84

Liz Finegan Menges ’84 met her husband at Hamilton. Two of her sons also went there, and she’s never let herself fall out of touch with Hamilton—it’s a family affair, after all. But despite the many times she’s previously returned, she’s really looking forward to this next reunion.

Menges thinks that each reunion has something different to offer. Early reunions, for instance, were a thrill just because you were back on campus, the same but different. “It’s almost like we picked up where we left off a little bit, especially with the fifth,” Menges says.

And the tenth reunion was one of the most fun. “I can’t even remember why!” she says. “I had two little kids at the time, and I think I was pregnant. Some of my other friends had brought their kids. I was excited to bring them to campus, and we just had a great time.”

Having the whole weekend is great. There’s more opportunity for really, really connecting with people, connecting with the College, and engaging.

Whichever reunion she goes to, Menges enjoys it. There’s the programming, which shifts to keep up with where you are in life. “Some of the events that we have planned are really interesting,” she says, noting that this year she’s looking forward to a panel on pivoting your career to something new. Another draw is the gorgeous campus. She spoke with one fellow classmate who returned after years away, when his own child was looking at Hamilton. “He was blown away,” Menges says. “He can’t wait to see it again.”

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But above all, “It’s connecting with people,” Menges says when she thinks about what draws her back. “Catching up with everybody, seeing what they’re doing, having meaningful conversations.” Menges feels that in this age of social media, it’s easy to know when someone has a birthday, but not as easy to have the time to really check in with an old friend and have a meaningful conversation. “Having the whole weekend is great,” she says. “There’s more opportunity for really, really connecting with people, connecting with the College, and engaging.”

And that’s what keeps her coming back, the combination of nostalgia and change. The nostalgia is sweet—yes, Don’s Rok is still there, and eerily unchanged, as is The Village Tavern. “The pool table is 50 years old, the same stains on the floor are still there,” Menges marvels. But there is the newness as well, with a great new admissions office, and improvements across the board. This one, like the ones before it, will be great.

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