Janack Publishes Paper in International Studies in Philosophy

Marianne Janack
Marianne Janack

Marianne Janack,  the Sidney Wertimer Associate Professor of Philosophy, recently published "The Problem of Experience," in Vol. XL/2 of International Studies in Philosophy.  It is an essay on the ways in which philosophers in the Anglo-American Analytic and Continental traditions have criticized appeals to experience in discussions of politics and knowledge


International Studies in Philosophy is connected to the Society for Social and Political Philosophy, and the essay by Janack was originally given as a talk at the meeting of that society at the American Philosophical Association.


Janack takes up criticisms of appeals to experience that are aimed at the way in which such appeals depend on a particular form of identity politics (a criticism grounded in a particular reading of the work of Michel Foucault) and shows how these criticisms are grounded in a troublesome theory of what the mind is, how it works, and how it relates to a first-person perspective.

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