Mason Delivers Virtual Online Training for AMA

Susan Mason
Susan Mason
During 2010 Susan Mason is acting as the subject matter expert and instructor for a series of live, instructor-led virtual lessons in workplace communications for the American Management Association. Using the Adobe Connect platform, Mason uses online real time chat, voiceover Internet protocols, slides, polls, and white board applications to deliver her lessons. Instructional worksheets, handouts, homework and other online assessment elements are also used in this approach.

Mason, director of the College’s Education Studies program, finds this new learning environment both challenging and energizing. “I don’t imagine I would want to be teaching or learning in this format all the time, but I definitely can see how it can be a solid way for highly interactive learning to occur," she said.

Mason received four hours of intense training in using the Adobe Connect environment and spends at least two hours in rehearsal for every lesson she virtually delivers. She has been affiliated with the AMA as a trainer, speaker, instructional designer, author, and online presenter since 1992.

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