Mathletics Team Vies in Putnam Competition

Members of Hamilton's Mathletics team took part in the Putnam Competition.
Members of Hamilton's Mathletics team took part in the Putnam Competition.

Ten students from Hamilton's Mathletics team competed nationally on Dec. 3, in the William Lowell Putnam mathematics competition.  The participants were Jeremy Adelman ’13, Abrar Ahmed ’13, Yinghan Ding ’12, Adam Fix ’13, Robert Huben ’15, Maribeth Johnson ’13, Sunrose Shrestha ’14, Josh Snyder ’13, Yonghun Song ’13 and Shichen Xu ’12. They had trained for the competition throughout the fall semester with Assistant Professor of Mathematics Andrew Dykstra.

The exam materials are mailed to each institution that wishes to participate; students then sit for the exams at their home schools.  Times and testing conditions are regulated similar to the NYS Regents Exams or Advanced Placement exams.


The Putnam competition, which began in 1938, is designed to stimulate a
healthful rivalry in mathematical studies in the colleges and universities
in the United States and Canada.  The problems on the exam cut across the
bounds of various mathematical disciplines, and are often self-contained
problems that do not fit into standard categories.  In a typical year, the
problems are so challenging that the national median individual score is
zero.  Last year, Hamilton posted a record high team score of 98 points, and
a ranking of #65 out of all participating colleges and universities.

Results from this year's exam will be revealed in March of 2012.

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