Men's crew rows against Rochester

The University of Rochester defeated Hamilton College in the varsity eights on the Erie Canal in Rome, N.Y., on April 13.

All races were 2,000 meters in length. Temperatures were in the 40s with a 10 mph tailwind and a slight tail current. Overall, there were good water conditions and floating starts.

Rochester's varsity eight covered the course in 6 minutes, 11.41 seconds, and Hamilton came in at 6:22.55. Sawyer Konys '16 was coxswain, Jared Lippman '16 was in stroke seat and Dylan Jackson '13 was in the bow seat. Seats seven through two in descending order were as follows:  Charlie Wilson '16, Aaron Whiteman '13, Landon Morin '16, Eric Niemenen '16, Max Geiduschek '14 and Grant Meglis '14.

Rochester topped Hamilton for first place in the second varsity eight with a time of 6:29.36. Hamilton came in at 6:38.20. Monica Gutierrez '15 was the coxswain. The rest of the boat included Jake Wagner '15 at stroke, Gardner Reed '14 in the bow seat and the following rowers (seats seven through two in descending order):  Alex Cates '15, Patrick English '15, Kyle Leahy '14, Philip Ewing '15, Simon Judd '13 and Andrew Szatkowski '15.

Hamilton rowed to victory in the novice eights in 6:36.21, while Rochester finished in 6:46.75. Jack Cavanaugh '16 was coxswain, Lippman was stroke and Ronald Sprague '16 was in the bow. The rest of the boat consisted of (seats seven through two in descending order):  Wilson, Marc Horschman '16, Russ DeGrazia '15, Alec Melone '16, Tianshu Liu '16 and Max Luthringer '16.

Hamilton hosts St. Lawrence University on Saturday, April 20.

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