Men's crew competes in Tampa Mayor's Cup

Hamilton College finished second in the varsity eight at the Tampa Mayor’s Cup held on the Tampa Bypass Canal in Tampa, Fla., on March 19.

Hamilton crew won the overall team points trophy. The varsity eights entry finished in 4 minutes, 57.68 seconds. The winner was Tampa Preparatory School with a time of 4:52.70. Tampa's lineups for the varsity eight and men's double races included members of the Swedish National Rowing Team and various coaches from the Tampa area.

Hamilton took first place in the novice four with a time of 6:01.00, and the University of Central Florida finished close behind in 6:03.78. The men’s double finished second in 5:49.15, while Tampa Prep took first again with a time of 5:26.60.

Hamilton varsity four entries finished third in the first heat in 5:29.74, and second in the following heat in 5:26.7. In the varsity four finals, Hamilton placed third in 5:36.46, and a second entry placed fifth in 5:39.18. Tampa Prep took first place in 5:22.12.

Jaime Leiva-Cabrera '14 was coxswain for the varsity eight. The rest of the boat included Jeff Cardoni '11 at stroke, Dylan Jackson ‘13 in the bow seat and the following rowers (seats seven through two in descending order): Chris Visentin '12, Aaron Whiteman ‘13, Adam Minchew ‘12, Grant Meglis ‘14, Max Geiduschek '14 and Rafael De La Rosa ‘12.

Jessica Griffith ’13 was coxswain for the novice four. The rest of the boat included Geiduschek at stroke, Leiva-Cabrera in the bow seat, Simon Judd ‘13 in 3-seat and Meglis in 2-seat.

Leiva-Carera was coxswain for the varsity four “A”. The rest of the boat included Cardoni at stroke, Chris Visentin ‘12 in the bow seat, Joe Ely ’12 in 3-seat and Whiteman in 2-seat.

Jessica Griffith ’13 was coxswain for the varsity four “B”. The rest of the boat included Gibson Hoyt ‘12 at stroke, Jackson in the bow seat, Minchew in 3-seat and Matt Poterba '12 in 2-seat.

Ely and Hoyt were the rowers in the men’s double.

Hamilton will row against Union College for the Gilman Plate and Cup on Saturday, April 2.

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