Men's crew rows against St. Lawrence

Hamilton College finished third in the varsity eights race against St. Lawrence University in Waddington, N.Y., on April 17.
There was a 10 mile-per-hour tailwind and tail current in the last 500 meters on the course. Hamilton’s varsity eight finished the 2,000 meters with a time of 6:01.8 for  third place. St. Lawrence’s “A” entry took first in 5:46.6, and St. Lawrence’s “B” entry followed in 5:59.5.
Hamilton earned a narrow victory in the varsity fours, crossing the finish line in 6:29.8. St. Lawrence’s time was 6:30.6.
Ricky Bottini '10 was coxswain for the varsity eight. The rest of the boat included Gibson Hoyt '12 at stroke, Tim Belden '10 in the bow seat and the following rowers (seats seven through two in descending order): Chris Visentin '12, Charlie Palanza '10, Andre Matias '11, Adam Minchew '12, Jeff Cardoni ‘11, Dylan Jackson ’13 and Jake Lucas ’13.
Dan Rudel '10 was coxswain for the varsity four. The rowers included Rafael De La Rosa ‘12 at stroke, Joe Ely ‘12 in the bow seat, Minchew in 3-seat, and Aaron Whiteman ‘13 in 2-seat.
Hamilton rows against Rochester Institute of Technology on Saturday, April 24.
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