Hamilton College competed at the 2015 New York State Collegiate Rowing Championships on Fish Creek in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., on Saturday.

Complete results

Racing conditions were sunny and 70 degrees with a slight headwind in the afternoon. The course was 2,000 meters in length.

Hamilton finished sixth in the varsity 8 grand final with a time of 6:36.197. Army took the top spot in 6:18.300. The Continentals were second in their heat earlier in the day with a time of 6:30.372. Hamilton was seeded fifth out of 15 boats going into the weekend.

In the JV 8, Hamilton's second varsity 8 ended up fifth with a time of 6:59.466. Rochester Institute of Technology captured first place in 6:29.800.

The Continentals race in the 2015 Eastern College Athletic Conference National Invitational Rowing Championships on Sunday, May 10.

Varsity 8

Cox: Mali Barker
8: Parker Lewis
7: Elias Clough
6: George Segee-Wright
5: Harrison Thomas
4: Landon Morin
3: Oliver Magnusson
2: Michael Burchesky
Bow: Jared Lippman

Second Varsity 8

Cox: Kevin Anglim
8: Philip Ewing
7: Russ DeGrazia
6: Marc Horschman
5: Fletcher Sherrod
4: Tyler Hagedorn
3: Max Markovitz
2: Patrick English
Bow: Houghton Yonge

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