Sculptures by Professor Rebecca Murtaugh are on display at DEMO Project in Springfield, Ill.

Sculptures by Associate Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh are included in a two-person exhibition with Chicago painter Allison Reimus at DEMO Project in Springfield, Ill. The show, titled Hard Candy, opened June 10 and runs through July 2.

According to the gallery website, “The artists demonstrate shared formal interests through playful abstraction and charming geometry, though each artist looks to unique and idiosyncratic forces to steer their individual decisions.

“Both artists abide by self-imposed formal parameters, though within them, they rely on intuition and improvisation to produce truly enchanting and sophisticated works. Hard Candy, much like the confection itself, extends a sustained sensory experience: indulgent, satisfying, and discretely complex.”

A podcast interview with the artists is available on NPR Illinois. The artists also discussed their work in a video interview with the Illinois Times (Springfield, Ill.).

Murtaugh also recently exhibited three large-scale sculptures at ArtHelix in Brooklyn, N.Y. The pieces were part of the Shim Invitational in early June.

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