Courtney Gibbons.
Associate Professor of Mathematics Courtney Gibbons was a guest on My Favorite Theorem, a monthly podcast hosted by mathematician Kevin Knudson, who says the series is “dedicated to sharing our guests’ favorite mathematical results.”

In the January podcast, Gibbons discussed some of her favorite theorems, Emmy Noether’s isomorphism theorems, with Knudson and math and science writer Evelyn Lamb.

Calling Noether’s theorems “super cool,” Gibbons said she learned of them in an early course on abstract algebra. “I love anything you can set up in an exact sequence,” she said, “and I think this was my first exposure to a theorem that was best explained with a diagram.” It was at that moment that she decided, “This is what I want to do!”

Gibbons was also recently elected to the executive committee of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) as a member-at-large. Her term begins in February.

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