Elise Butler '20 and Dianne-Lee Ferguson ’22 display their poster at the conference.

Twenty-two Hamilton students presented their research at the 9th annual New York Six Undergraduate research conference, held on Sept. 26, m at Union College in Schenectady. Their presentations were based on summer research they conducted with Hamilton faculty during the summer in the sciences and through Emerson Foundation grants.

Presenter Ian Nduhiu ’22 enjoyed the experience, saying, “It was just a matter of being comfortable with the content, which I was. I did get positive feedback from my peers and one of the faculty members in attendance, who was a computer science professor.”

Elise Butler ’20, who presented a poster with Dianne-Lee Ferguson ’22, said, “... many people came up to us and commented on our project title and poster design. All the feedback was very positive," she said. “These opening comments made it easier for us to explain our research. The idea that people were already interested and had good things to say to us made us more comfortable and excited to expand on our findings,” Butler said.

The following students presented posters:

  • Nora Torres ’20, Stephanie Wu ’21  – “Drag and Swimming Forces of Tetrahymena Thermophila” 
  • Subin Myong ’22, David Opozda ’21 – “Understanding Meiotic Drive Systems In Abnormal Chromosome 10 in Zea mays Through Genetic Assays”
  • Lea Barros ’22  – “Investigating the Role of Z-DNA Binding Protein 1 in CASP8-mediated Pyroptosis”
  • Kaela Makins ’21 – “pH Changes of Vacuole Digestion in Tetrahymena Thermophila 
  • Shelby McVey ’22, Leili Aliyari ’20 – “Cloning the TRKIN-TR1 Neocentromere System on the Abnormal Chromosome 10 in Zea mays” 
  • Elise Butler ’20, Dianne-Lee Ferguson ’22 – “Exercise or Cocaine: Using Olfactory Classical Conditioning to Determine Preference”
  • Leah Westfall ’20  – “Effects of Acute Delay Exposure on Impulsive Choice Behavior in Humans
  • Elisa Taylor-Yeremeeva ’20  and Stephen Wisser ’20– “The Effects of Chemogenetic Silencing of the Rodent Postrhinal Cortex on Learning and Memory”
  • Michael Goldstein ’20 – “Genes differentially expressed in Cryptocaryon irritans theront cells derived from 1 and 10 hrs post-encystmen”
  • Jacob Circelli ’20 – “Fluorouracil's Passage into Tetrahymena thermophile 
  • Erin Ebert ’21, Grace Godwin ’21, Lily Sochan-Rosen ’21 – “The effect of pregnancy status on immune function and nutritional condition in Wyoming bighorn sheep” 

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