Max Majireck

Associate Professor of Chemistry Max Majireck is one of a dozen faculty members at undergraduate institutions to be awarded a research grant from Organic Syntheses, Inc. This award provides $16,000 to support student stipend and material costs for two summers of research.

Majireck’s proposal, titled “Development of bench-stable N-qauternized ketene N,O-acetals into versatile reagents for organic synthesis” aims to capitalize on recent discoveries in his research group’s lab that identified a new class of chemical compounds. These compounds can act as chemical building blocks or reagents in the synthesis of value-added materials, such as bioactive drugs and small-molecule probes.

Pending the availability of campus for summer research, Majireck plans to conduct this sponsored research in the summers of 2021-2022 along with a Hamilton student who will be appointed as an Organic Syntheses Summer Scholar. 

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