Max Majireck

An article by Associate Professor of Chemistry Max Majireck and his former research student John Bennett ’16 was recently published online by ScienceDirect and will be included as a chapter in an upcoming volume in the Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry series from Elsevier.

Majireck and Bennett reviewed and summarized over 700 articles published between 2007 and 2018, then organized the information primarily by chemical structure and the types of chemical reactions in which the compounds can participate. The resulting article, “1,2-Oxazines and their Benzo Derivatives,” provides an extensive overview of developments in the synthesis, characterization, and analysis of 1,2-oxazines, an important class of compounds found within drugs and bioactive natural products.

Majireck said he solicited Bennett’s assistance in writing a key section of the article about biomedical applications of 1,2-oxazines based on Bennett’s recent experience in clinical training at the University of Rochester where he is currently an M.D./Ph.D. candidate.

According to Majireck, they “expect that synthetic organic chemists, such academic researchers or medicinal chemists in the pharmaceutical industry, can use this information as a primary resource to survey the extensive number of syntheses and reactions of 1,2-oxazines.”

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