Susie Szeto Price ’92
Susie Szeto Price ’92 can trace her foray into photography and the arts to a cinema class she took with Professor Scott MacDonald at Hamilton.

“Reading films critically really spoke to me. I wanted to be involved in film, or media studies, as a career because of it,” she says.

After graduation, Price earned her master’s degree at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts before becoming an assistant for Richard Greenberg and Bruce Schluter, two prominent creative directors who designed titles and marketing graphics for movie trailers. As a production and visual effects coordinator, she honed her skills in storytelling, dynamic shot compositions, and CGI effects.

“Interestingly, what I learned on the job was compatible with the theoretical film concepts I first learned from Scott,” she says. In fact, she found that even her family snapshots reflected those same professional and academic standards.

Eventually, Price took a hiatus from full-time office work to raise her family. Her husband, a photographer and CG animation artist, suggested that she submit her photos to Getty Images, where she still works as a freelance photographer creating stock imagery “telling everyday stories of family, children, and multiracial diversity in America.”

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Price had found the perfect balance of spending time with her children, dabbling in real estate, and pursuing creative interests until 2015, when her husband died of multiple myeloma at age 47.

“It was one of the most devastating moments of my life. It was also the ultimate wake-up call to confront what I wanted my life to be about,” she says. “Unsurprisingly, my art and creativity went through the roof. I took chances. This creative energy was a way for me to communicate my love for my late husband.”

Price also uses that creative energy to inspire others through her work on the Hamilton Career Network’s Arts & Entertainment Committee. “I love sharing the possibilities of working in visual effects, animation, and other artistic fields through a liberal arts education. I’m a living example, and I have no regrets.”

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