Justin Clark

Plato’s Dialogues of Definition: Causal and Conceptual Investigations, by Assistant Professor of Philosophy Justin Clark, was recently published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Plato"s Dialogues of Definition by Justin Clark - book coverClark uses what he calls the “dual function” of Socrates’ “What is F-ness?” question to find positive philosophical content in Plato’s dialogues of definition.

The publisher’s description of the book says that Clark uses the “What is F-ness?” question as a springboard for two types of investigation — conceptual and causal, noting that “the key to understanding any of the dialogues of definition, therefore, is to decipher between them.

“Clark offers a way to do just that, at once resolving interpretive issues in Socratic philosophy, providing systematic interpretations of the negative endings, and generating important new readings of the Charmides and Lysis, whilst casting further doubt on the authenticity of the Hippias Major.”

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