Rachel Weiss ’93, Michael Breslin ’13, and Eric Kuhn ’09.
Here’s a plot summary of how three Hamiltonians became involved in an Off-Broadway play called Invasive Species, running now through June 30 at Vineyard Theatre.

Michael Breslin ’13 and Maia Novi met five years ago when they were both students at Yale School of Drama. The two hit it off and she asked him to direct a reading of a play she was writing — a semi-autobiographical dark comedy that follows the mental journal of an Argentinean acting student navigating the American entertainment industry as an immigrant artist.

Up to that point, Breslin had focused primarily on writing. His play, Circle Jerk, was a 2021 Pulitzer Prize finalist in drama. But because he enjoyed collaborating with Novi, he agreed to stay on as director when the show premiered last summer in Manhattan at The Tank.

“Writing will always be my true passion,” he says, “but my liberal arts brain never wants to do just one thing! It was so rewarding to get a project like this off the launching pad.”

Lending help with that lift-offa came from other Hamiltonians. Eric Kuhn ’09, an entrepreneur and theater producer with three Tony Awards to his credit, caught the show and signed on as producer. He also enlisted the support of his friend Rachel Weiss ’93, a strategic venture capital investor for L’Oreal.

The added support allowed the show to move to its Off-Broadway encore run. An appropriate ending for what one reviewer from New York Theatre Guide calls “a daring show with a shining ensemble.”

What the Producers Had to Say …

Eric Kuhn ’09, producer

“What was so clear about this show when we saw it is that the people on stage and behind the scenes are the next generation of theater makers. The way they tell stories is magical, and we wanted to help support them and bring the show to the next stage.

“Michael and I had been waiting for the right moment to do something together for a while. After all, we both share a love for theater and Hamilton! When I fell in love with Invasive Species and knew Michael was the director, it seemed like the perfect first project for us all to collaborate on.

“Rachel and I also have known each other for years through our work in tech and startups. We always shared a lot for the arts as well and worked together on a few previous projects, so it was thrilling to have her join the producing team as her debut show!”

Rachel Weiss ’93, co-producer

“Getting involved in theater producing and investing was a natural step for me, driven by the need to amplify women’s voices and ensure they are represented both on and off the stage. By funding and supporting these stories, we can inspire the next generation to embrace the arts.

“Working alongside talented Hamilton alums has made this journey even more rewarding and special. My long-standing friendship with Eric, which deepened as neighbors during the pandemic, has been instrumental. Riding my bike through the deserted theater district during COVID and sharing those moments with him fueled my desire to take an active role in the revival of theater for our beloved NYC.

“Eric’s guidance has been invaluable in teaching me the ropes of financing and producing. Additionally, collaborating with Michael, a fellow comp lit major whom I’ve long admired, was the icing on the cake to co-producing Invasive Species.”

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