What better way for a musician to pay tribute to her graduating friends than by creating a music video? That’s what Jiin Jeong ’21 did, but she took it a step further by creating a video montage of Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March No.1, with members of the Hamilton College Orchestra, faculty,  and others.

“My sisters and I are all musicians and we have a tradition of creating and sending music videos during holidays,” said Jiin. “I always loved how music and arts in general can connect people together wherever they are and bring some cheer and peace in people's lives. During this time, I've been impressed at how generous and creative musicians got.” 

Jiin said the project started off fairly small with her recording herself on the viola. “Then, I asked other members of my string quartet HamString if they wanted to join, and emailed Hamilton College Orchestra (HCO) members and students/faculty that I knew.

“Thankfully, everyone was so quick and eager to jump on it, especially considering that we had a really tight 48-hour time frame,” Jiin said. “Synchronizing 16 different video recordings was much more difficult than I expected both musically and technologically, and I came out with a much better appreciation of all the conductors out there.”

Ultimately there were 15 musicians and 10 different instruments involved, including three seniors and three faculty members. In addition to Jiin who played the viola and did the video/audio editing, the musicians included: violin - Jenna Cosby ’23, Maddie Schink ’23, Sara Shedroff ’23; viola - Samantha Tassillo ’22; cello - Nicholas Adair ’21; electric bass -  Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science Dave Perkins; piano - Nicholas Walters ’20; flute - Ruo Nan Huang ’20, Erica Ivins ’21, Professor of Government Sharon Rivera; clarinet - Kevin Sanderson ’20, David Sills ’20; trumpet/cornet, Brendan Magill ’23;  and, trombone, Professor of Music and Hamilton College Orchestra conductor Heather Buchman.

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