Posse Foundation and Hamilton Celebrate 10-Year Partnership

Hamilton will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its partnership with the Posse Foundation on March 31. The Posse Foundation identifies, recruits and selects student leaders from public high schools to form multicultural teams called “posses,” which are then placed at top colleges nationwide.

Representatives of Posse, Hamilton Posse students and alumni, and Hamilton faculty and administrators will gather for a dinner to celebrate the program’s success. The Posse Foundation will be represented by chief operating officer Matthew Fasciano, regional vice president Sue Dalelio, and Larissa Ramos, director of the Posse Foundation, Miami. Hamilton President Joan Hinde Stewart and Chief Diversity Officer Donald Carter will speak on behalf of the college.

“A 10-year relationship is no small matter and certainly merits recognition,” Stewart said of the upcoming celebration. “As Hamilton prepares to celebrate its 200th anniversary, 10 years may not seem quite so long. But our partnership with Posse is a natural chapter in what has been a long and abiding commitment to student access and opportunity.”

Hector Acevedo ’08, a former Posse scholar at Hamilton, will give a keynote talk at the dinner. He was recently elected as one of two Scholar Alumni who serve as representatives to the Posse National Alumni Advisory Council (PNAAC). Acevedo is the first Hamilton Scholar to serve in that capacity.


Hamilton began its partnership with Posse in 2001 when the college enrolled its first posse of students from the Boston area. The college expanded its partnership with the Posse Foundation last fall when it enrolled10 students from Miami in the class of 2014.


Posse students are chosen based on their leadership ability, social status among peers, demonstrated ambition, ability to work with people of different backgrounds and desire to succeed. On campus the Posse program is successful because the students form a support group for each other and act as agents of social change by promoting dialogue on campus.

Posse program partners include 39 top-tier colleges and universities, including Middlebury, Oberlin, the University of Pennsylvania and Carleton College. Since its founding in 1989, more than $402 million in leadership scholarships have been awarded by Posse partner colleges to 3,638 Posse students. The program has a 90 percent graduation rate. Miami is Posse’s newest program site, joining sites in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C.

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