Andrea Townsend

A podcast of an interview with Assistant Professor of Biology Andrea Townsend is featured on Ray Brown’s “Talkin’ Birds” website. “Why Study Crows?” was recorded at the 2017 Mass Audubon Annual Birders’ Meeting.

Townsend’s research focuses on the social behavior and disease ecology of crows. In this interview, she discussed how crows adapt to their increasingly urban environment, learning to take advantage of novel food sources and nesting sites, and distinguish between dangerous humans and humans that can be a resource to them.

Townsend also talked about why she is known on campus as “the crow lady.”

“They love me. They follow me all over campus…They've got me trained. I can't get out of their territory. They will just fly over and over my head until I throw them a peanut,” she explained.

“Talkin’ Birds” is a radio show about wild birds and the beauty of nature. It airs weekly on public and commercial radio stations in New England, New York, and Maryland.

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