Katherine Brown (Jones-Smith)

Assistant Professor of Physics Kate Brown was recently inducted as a member of the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi). According to its website. FQXi is an international, diverse group of visionaries in physics, cosmology, and closely related fields, which seeks answers to foundational questions in these disciplines.

New members are inducted only by nomination of several existing members. Brown was nominated by Sean Carroll, a well-known physicist at Caltech, and Hamilton Professor of Physics Emeritus Philip Pearle.

Carroll contacted Brown about the nomination after reading “Exploring Extra Dimensions with Scalar Waves,” a paper Brown co-authored with Case Western Reserve Professor of Physics Harsh Mathur and Mike Verostek ’16. The paper was recently accepted for publication in the American Journal of Physics. Verostek is now in the physics Ph.D. program at the University of Rochester.

Hamilton graduates have also been Brown’s co-authors on other recently published papers including: 

  • “An analysis of the LIGO discovery based on introductory physics” published online in the American Journal of Physics in August. Ashton Lowenstein ’17, along with Mathur were Brown’s co-authors. Lowenstein is enrolled in a physics doctoral program at the University of Southern California physics.
  • “Electrostatic analogy for symmetron gravity” co-authored with Mathur and Brown’s former students Lillie Ogden ’16 and Kevin Rovelli ’15. The paper was published in Physical Review D in December.

    Since graduating from Hamilton, Ogden has been traveling the world with her camera and plans to apply to physics graduate school this year. Rovelli was the salutatorian of his class and currently works for an optical sciences company in Cambridge, Mass.

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