Assistant Professor of Physics Kristen Burson and Hannah Burrall ’19 are co-authors of a paper published earlier this month in the journal Physical Review B. “Atomic structure of a metal-supported two-dimensional germania film” is based on the development and characterization of a new material—two-dimensional Germania. The work was done with collaborators at the Fritz-Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society in Berlin, Germany.

Hannah Burrall '19
Hannah Burrall '19 looks into the chamber of a microscope at the Fritz-Haber lab.

Burson and Burrall traveled to Germany last summer to work with their collaborators. Burrall and graduate student Adrian Lewandowski collected data on the germania films and analyzed images of the film structure.

By using multiple experimental techniques together with theoretical calculations, the group was able to establish a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the structure of the material.

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