Tara McKee

Associate Professor of Psychology Tara McKee recently presented a poster at the 2018 International Conference on ADHD in St. Louis.

The poster, titled “Relation of ADHD Symptomatology to College Adjustment and Emotional Health: Discrepancies Between Parent and Student Report,” examined how similarity between parental report of student college adjustment and student self-report of adjustment related to ADHD symptomatology in 115 first-year students.

McKee’s research showed that students reported significantly worse college adjustment and higher levels of depression and anxiety than their parents reported for them.

She found that for students who reported more ADHD symptomatology, there was less similarity between their own and their fathers’ reports of student depression and anxiety, and between their own and their mothers’ reports of student academic and personal-emotional adjustment.

“It will be important for future work to determine if discrepancies between student and parent reports are related to key outcomes known to be associated with ADHD in college such as GPA, substance use, and social adjustment,” McKee said.

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