The Hamilton College rowing teams opened their season on Friday morning against Skidmore College on Melton Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Rowing in a light drizzle with a strong tail current, Hamilton won both its races on the men’s side. Hamilton’s women’s entrants won two of three races.

The men’s varsity 8 and second varsity 8 were both winners (5:48 to 5:57 and 6:11 to 6:31). The women's varsity 8 (6:20.50 to 6:53.21) and the second varsity 8 (6:49.37 to 7:15.55) won their races as well. Hamilton entered two boats in the varsity 4. Skidmore won that race in 7:41.79 and the Continentals’ entrants followed in 7:42.22 and 7:57.24.

Hamilton rows in the Memorial Murphy Cup Regatta in Cherry Hill, N.J., on Saturday, March 28.

Cox Gabby Troya
8 Emily Hedison
7 Charlotte Andrews
6 Rachel Landman
5 Alex Brantl
4 Sam Benevelli
3 Ally Kontra
2 Nina Byers
1 Meredith Garner

Cox Heather Piekarz
8 Erin Gerrity
7 Keara Lynn
6 Caroline Walton
5 Rachel Cooley
4 Olivia Shehan
3 Karly Moore
2 Emma Zanazzi
1 Jess Pedersen

WV4+ A
Cox Gabby Troya
4 Charlotte Andrews
3 Claire Callahan
2 Ellie Pinto
1 Meredith Garner

WV4+ B
Cox Ysabel Coss
4 Hideko Nara
3 Michelle Chapman
2 Amanda Wheeler
1 Isabel Grieder

Cox Mali Barker  
8 Parker Lewis  
7 Phil Ewing  
6 Harry Thomas  
5 Landon Morin  
4 Oliver Magnusson
3 Mike Burchesky
2 Jared Lippman
1 George Segee-Wright

Cox Kevin Anglim
8 Elias Clough
7 Alec Melone
6 Tyler Hagedorn
5 Houghton Yonge
4 Pat English
3 Max Markovitz
2 Marc Horschman
1 Russ DeGrazia

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