Second Annual FebFest Scheduled

FebFest, which was resurrected last year after a 40-year absence, will make a return this year February 12-17. This year might mark only the second anniversary of Hamilton's FebFest, but a Winter Carnival was once an integral part of Hamilton tradition.  Begun in 1938, the events of the Winter Carnival included concerts, dance parties, and a snow sculpture competition.  Despite the popularity of this tradition, it died out in the mid-1950s.  However, the Winter Carnival was brought back to the Hill last year in the form of FebFest, a week-long celebration of winter and a break from the monotony of classes and work.  Most importantly, it is an opportunity for the entire campus community to become involved in an event that celebrates Hamilton and its traditions.   In the tradition of the old Winter Carnival, FebFest includes concerts, parties, and various outdoor activities.  New events have been added, such as the Gong Show, the Snoccer tournament, and the Wine and Chocolate Tasting. 
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