Second Levitt Leadership Institute is Under Way

Nineteen Hamilton students returned to campus on Jan. 13 to participate in the second Levitt Leadership Institute (LLI) which continues through Jan. 18.  The program was designed and is led by Ambassador Prudence Bushnell with the assistance of Christine Powers and is intended to provide strong leadership training for students. The LLI was made possible by due to the generous financial support of Arthur Levitt, Jr. P '81, and the Norman and Rosita Winston Foundation.

Students participating in the 2013 LLI are: Kevin Anglim ’15, John Boyle ’15, John Cartwright ’15, Kathrin Cieplicki ’16, Sarah Larson ’15, Erik Marks ’15, Megan Murphy ’15, Meghan O’Sullivan ’15, Ujjwal Pradhan ’15, Elizabeth Rodriguez ’15, Samantha Sherman ’15, Nicholas Solano ’14, Brady Sprague ’15, Donald Stayner ’15, Gretha Suarez ’15, Tsion Tesfaye ’16,  Morolake Thompson ’14, Kevin Tutasig ’13, and Dylan Wulderk ’13.

Week one of the Institute focuses on developing personal leadership skills and includes lectures, skills practicum and initiatives to develop team building, problem solving, interviewing and presentation skills.  Students learn how teams and team leadership work then will apply those lessons and skills to interviews with Utica area leaders. 

The second week of the LLI will be conducted in March in Washington D.C.  and focuses on problem-solving, decision making, motivation, networking and conflict resolution.  In addition to classroom time, students arrange networking and information gathering opportunities.  Participants develop plans to put their leadership skills to use by committing to complete a project that will have a measurable and positive impact on their communities.

A firsthand account of this week’s LLI, written by a student participant, will appear on the news site next week.

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