With some 16 faculty, students, staff and alumni in attendance, Hamilton’s Geosciences Department was well-represented at the Northeastern Section Meeting of the Geological Society of America (NEGSA). The meeting took place in Pittsburgh March 19th to 21st.

Professor of Geosciences David Bailey, Assistant Professor of Geosciences Cat Beck and XRF Laboratory Senior Technician Rick Conrey attended with the seven seniors who presented the results of their senior research projects.

The students and their presentations were:

Julianna Horgan, “Coastal Erosion and Lighthouse Relocation on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts,” co-authored by Professor of Geosciences Cynthia Domack.

George Segee-Wright, “Whole-rock geochemistry and U/Pb zircon age of a granitic pluton exposed on two small islands in Penobscot Bay, Maine,” co-authored by David Bailey.

Margaret Smith, “Historical Sedimentation in Two Adirondack Lakes: A Multiproxy Study,” co-authored by Cat Beck.

Mary Langworthy, “Paleoenvironmental History and Regional Interpretation for the Hominoid-Bearing Locherangan Locality in West Turkana, Kenya,” co-authored by Cat Beck, Mary Margaret Allen ’17, Hamilton’s Sciences Instrumentation Technician Bruce Wegter and Rutgers University Professor of Geology and Anthropology Craig Feibel.

Clair Forbes, “Paleontology Exercise Using Mason Creek Plant Fossils,” co-authored by Cynthia Domack.

Devin O’Sullivan, “Major and trace element compositions of garnets from New York State kimberlites: A window into the lower crust and upper mantle,” co-authored by David Bailey.

Lindsay Buff, “Petrographic and geochemical characterization of Eocene volcanic rocks, British Columbia, and their application to archaeological toolstone sourcing,” co-authored by David Bailey; Associate Professor of Anthropology Nathan Goodale; Heather Kendall, an archaeologist with Stantec in Vancouver, B.C.; and University of Montana Professor of Anthropology Anna Prentiss.

In addition, Cat Beck presented in a geoscience education session on using fieldwork to help promote women in the geosciences. “Supporting Female Undergraduate Students Through Collaborative Research Involving Geoscientists From the Full Spectrum of Career Stages” focused on Beck’s use of international field research to help expose female undergraduates to graduate school experiences and career options.

Alumni attending NEGSA included Broxton Bird III ’99, Becca Walker ’02, Sarah Hall ’01 and Nadia Harvieux (Fuller) ’98.

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