Six Awarded Prizes in Public Speaking Competition

The winners of the 2011 Public Speaking Competition.
The winners of the 2011 Public Speaking Competition.

Six prizes were awarded across three categories in the annual Public Speaking Competition on Saturday, March 5, in the Chapel. The 17 finalists were chosen after an open preliminary round held in February. Speakers' presentations were either persuasive or informative in nature, and in one category, speakers were asked to address an assigned topic.

The 2011 prize winners are:

For the McKinney Prize in persuasive speaking:

  • Jessica Moulite '14, Electronic-Tile Dysfunction
  • Chip Sinton '13, Bruises, Blood, and the American Way: Troubled Teens or a Troubled Nation?
  • Jen Keefe '12, The Problem with Ke$ha: How Major Label Recording Artists Ruin Music
  • Rachel Pohl '11, The Moment Itself

For the Clark Prize addressing the topic of "Sports, Ethics, and Accountability:"

  • Mallory Joel '11, Top-Down Ethical Responsibility in Regard to Football Brain Injury

For the Warren E. Wright Prize in informative speaking:

  • Ben Dropkin '11, Balancing Social and Financial Incentives


The Public Speaking Competition was organized by the Communication Department.

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