Nepal 2023
Hamilton students kept busy during spring break, exploring their passions at places far and near. Eighteen seniors traveled to Nepal to trek the Himalayas; the College Choir toured Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and West Virginia, where they performed with other college singers; Alternate Spring Break groups did volunteer work in Kentucky, Delaware, North Carolina, and Syracuse, N.Y. Athletic teams competed in the NCCAs and during trips to Florida, and the Curling team made it to nationals.

Twenty-eight members of the College Choir traveled the southern half of the United States, making stops in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and West Virginia to both perform in and explore each state.  One of the tour highlights was the choir’s time at Warren Wilson College (N.C). Under the instruction of Hamilton alumnus Phil Jamison ’76, students dove straight into a traditional square-dancing class. Spirits were high and laughter was abundant as choir members learned and performed a variety of  square-dancing moves.

That day continued with Hamilton’s joint concert with Warren Wilson’s folk music-oriented choir. The two choirs performed one song together that they were encouraged to play around with and ‘make their own’ — a hallmark of most folk music. However, it was the end of the concert that stuck with most of the Hamilton students. Hamilton’s last song (a South African piece called “Akekho”), had the Warren Wilson students joining in with them. 

Alternative Break participants in Kentucky worked on a disaster relief trip with Community Collaborations; the Delaware trip tackled a Habitat for Humanity project; in Syracuse, volunteers performed a mix of local service; and students in North Carolina worked through Every Campus, a refuge program, on an initiative aimed at partnering colleges with local refugee resettlement agencies to help support their integration.

Although the Curling Team did not take the national title, they tied with Cornell University for The Spirit of Curling Award, which is voted on by all the members of the competing teams and broadly signifies good sportsmanship. 

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Students teamed up with Maxwell Akuamoah-Boateng ’09 to volunteer at schools in Philadelphia over winter break.

Student AXB Volunteers Team Up With Akuamoah-Boateng ’09

Nine students spent part of their winter break teaming up with Maxwell Akuamoah-Boateng ’09 on a community service project in Philadelphia. Akuamoah-Boateng, who serves as the city’s director of operations for community schools, organized the Alternate Break (AXB) trip that focused on youth engagement/urban service.

46 peaks 10/22

Hamilton Outing Club Sends Students to Summit the 46 Peaks

Every fall, Hamilton’s Outing Club (HOC) sends groups of students to the Adirondack Mountains where they attempt to summit each of the 46 high peaks in one weekend. This year, there were 25 trips and five overnight backpacking trips. Student participants included 40 HOC leaders, 20 shadow leaders (as part of HOC leader training), and 51 hikers for a grand total of 111. This year, Hamilton students summited 39 of the 46 peaks.

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