Olivia Paradice '18

Olivia Paradice ’18 is interning at the Foreign Press Center (an office in the Public Affairs Bureau of the State Department) this summer. The Foreign Press Center interacts with foreign news outlets and assists them in accurately understanding and reporting on American news and policies. As a capstone internship project, Paradice will make a presentation in front of a foreign news outlet. After that, she’ll attend The American University of Paris for a Master's in Global Communications.  Michelle Chung ’20 spoke with Paradice about her career plans after Hamilton.

How did you choose your major? What were the most important skills you learned from taking those classes within your major?

I was a literature major, and I kind of decided on my major before I even entered college. I've been interested in studying literature from a young age, so it really was a no-brainer for me. I feel like my major helped me a lot, as it really taught me how to communicate and express myself well in writing, which is a great general skill to have for all sorts of career paths.

What kind of experience and skills do you hope to gain while interning with the Foreign Press Center?

I'm hoping to learn more about international relations in a very hands-on way, and gain experience in interacting with representatives of other countries on a professional level. In a more general sense, I would like to further improve my writing and communication skills.

About Olivia Paradice ’18

Major: Literature

Hometown: Littleton, N.H.

High School: Littleton High School

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What influenced you to continue your education at the American University of Paris?

I knew that I wanted to go get my Master's in International Relations/Communications, and with that in mind, it just seemed to make sense to go do it in another country, as I would both be getting my degree and gaining real-life experience living in another country at the same time. The American University of Paris interested me because it has a great program for this particular field, and I've been taking French since my sophomore year, so it also offers an opportunity for me to continue furthering those skills.

Were there any faculty, alumni, or students who helped guide you toward your post-graduation plans?

After I was accepted to Boston University, Northeastern University, and The American University of Paris, two of my French professors (Professors Morgan and Mouflard, to be specific) definitely encouraged me to choose The American University of Paris. They made several good points about how great of an opportunity it would be, and definitely helped me make my final decision.

Where do you see yourself in the future, career-wise?

If my internship at the State Department goes well (which I believe it will), I can definitely see myself working there in the future.

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