Stephen Wright '12 Presents Poster at Northeastern Storm Conference

Stephen Wright '12.
Stephen Wright '12.

Stephen J. Wright, a senior geosciences major, presented a poster titled “2011:  A Comparison of Tornado Events in Dixie Alley and Upstate New York,” at the 37th Annual Northeastern Storm Conference held in Rutland, Vt., on March 2-4.

The American Meteorological Society, the National Weather Service and Lyndon State College sponsored the conference for “meteorology personnel from the National Weather Service, the private sector, the broadcast industry, the research community and the military. Presentations included Social Science Implications and Assessments from 2011 Tornadoes; National Weather Service Products, Services, and Outreach; Weather Radar Technology Updates and Training; and The Role of Law Enforcement in Weather Emergencies.

The work Wright presented was based on his senior thesis with Professor of Geosciences Cynthia Domack and an internship with professional meteorologist Adam Musyt from WKTV, Utica.


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