Sadove Student Center Completed

A view of the new bookstore at the Sadove Student Center from the Fillius Events Barn.
A view of the new bookstore at the Sadove Student Center from the Fillius Events Barn.
The summer is always a busy time for construction on the Hill. Among many other projects around the campus such as repaired lights and ceilings, coated decks, replaced doors and constructed parking lots, the Sadove Student Center at Emerson Hall is complete. The crew opened the hall’s doors to the public on July 26. An official dedication will take place during Fallcoming weekend, Oct. 7-10.

By combining forces, outside contractors and Physical Plant employees have repaved Martin’s Way and created a new quad, installed a new traffic circle and coated the road to the Kirkland campus with fresh asphalt. The bookstore has been moving in its merchandise since July 5 and other finishing touches are being applied.

“We still have some finishes that are not completely done, windows that are inside that still need to be placed, cabinet work that is still being placed in," said Steve Bellona, associate vice president for facilities and planning. "We’re putting in some temporary trim around the windows because some material hasn’t arrived yet. There are a number of small details that are significant enough that we don’t want [the building] inspected for completion yet.”

But if there was ever a crew that could prepare the building for its inspection for the certificate of occupancy that is planned for early or middle of this week, Bellona’s got it. Working with H. R. Beebe Inc. of Utica as well as other electrical, mechanical and painting contractors, 40 to 50 people have worked on the structure daily for the past few months.

Like any good boss, Bellona knows that the completion of the new center would not have been achieved without the Physical Plant staff. “They’re the ones who really get these projects moving and the work they’ve done over the time since students left to prepare for students coming back [has been amazing]. They’re the lifeblood of the business that we do and they get a big thank-you from me and from the college,” Bellona commented.

With careful management, the team has not surpassed its $10.75 million budget. Approximately $8 million of that budget was used for the actual construction of the building, Bellona said.

The opening of the Sadove Student Center at Emerson Hall marks the completion of one of Hamilton’s five most significant projects in the past 10 years. In the center of campus, this one, Bellona says, is a beacon for students. It is one of the five most important buildings along Martin’s Way, which has become the campus’ main throughway. “From a community standpoint, [the student center] is going to provide liveliness to the center of campus that we did not have before," commented Bellona. "We now have destination points along Martin’s Way that can provide life and proportion to the college.”

When it was built in 1964, the Bristol Center was also designed to be a student center. Hamilton’s plan at the time was to extend the campus north, making Bristol the predicted center of campus. But as the plans for Kirkland developed, it became clear that the campus was spreading toward the south and west, not the north as was initially planned. Although Bristol Center ended up on the fringe of campus, it was still dedicated to student life, housing the book store, radio station and Student Activities offices. All of these functions will now be run out of the Sadove Student Center at Emerson Hall.

Bristol Center will tentatively house Auxiliary Services (campus card and fourth floor management), Campus Safety, Health Services, Student Counseling and Career Services.

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